An Introduction to me.

So this is exciting, my first blog post!  To be honest, I wonder if people even read random blogs anymore.  I mean do I really have anything that important to say?  Well, I just might!  The reason why is because I have been taking photos since the age of eleven while growing up in Michigan.  I'm not going to tell you my age, but it was long time ago.  Anyway, back then I was using my mothers Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras the photos are actually somewhat interesting.   The photo below was actually shot in Rockford Illinois, we lived there for a year.  So it looks like that's where I really picked up photography and if you look at where we lived, you can understand why... there was nothing to do there so I really dove into art. I remember I took art classes while living there as well, so art has always been in my blood.  That is my little brother in the photo, WAY in the background and that is our backyard.





Looking back on old photo albums it looks like I was the family photographer.  It's mostly my little brother as my subject as well as Christmases, birthdays, that kind of thing.  But I enjoyed photography very much. 

I now shoot professionally something I never considered while growing up... I guess you never know where life is going to lead you.  Starting my own photography business has been anything but easy, it has actually been the most challenging thing I have ever done!  But, nothing worth having is easy so you keep pushing forward, learning, growing, changing and hopefully coming to a point you can sit back and say "I DID IT!"  Of course then you need to create new goals and continue to grow and learn, it's all the process of life.  If not, you become stagnant, bored and empty inside.  There is no easy way to success and there is no easy way through life, so have fun, love and give back when you can.

I'm not sure what content my future blogs will contain.  My plan is education, business and life.  This one was probably more life and being that I am a Gemini and my mood changes by the minute, this could be blog roulette!

I took the below photo on Sunset Blvd the other night on my iPhone.